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Taiko Kikai Gear Pumps

Taiko - Taiko Kikai Gear Pumps - Taiko Gear Pumps

Temperature     :   Maximum handling oil temperature is 80ºC.
Bearing     :   Internal bearing is self-lubricated by pumping liquid which is suitable to serve lubricant fluids.
Shaft Seal     :   The conventional gland packing is our standard; however, the mechanical seal type is also available.
Flange     :   Both suction and discharge are JIS10K.
Centering     :   If connecting the pump with the motor, the standard allowable alignment value at the rate of 2000 to 500min-1at the shaft coupling side surface should be under 0.1mm and at the shaft coupling end surface should be under 0.1mm.
Hydraulic Test     :   Twice the value of the designed specification pressure with a maximum value of 1.20MPa.
Capacity     :   The following capacity shows at viscosity of 25.8mm2/s with discharge pressure of 0.60MPa. The allowable suction pressure range is -0.05 to 0.20MPa at the pump suction.

Tooth Profile     :   To be the first in the world to design a one-point-contact-gear called "Segmental Gear" as our standard model.

More Details : NHG_M.pdf