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Chain Coupling

PT - Chain Coupling - PT1
TYPE 'M'/'N'/'A'/'B'

PT flexible roller chain couplings give high efficiency in connecting directly two shafts for the transmission of power.
As PT roller chain couplings consist of three major parts two hardened teeth sprockets and one RS double standard roller chain, they offer the following characteristics. 
Easy installation against shaft maintenance.
Protection against shaft misalignment.

Long Service Life You can obtain the most suitable chain coupling easily from wide varieties of stock standard chain couplings in stock.
Coupling Casings 
Revolving casings are made of strong aluminum alloy and are light in weight.                     
Casings are recommended for use with all couplings because they prevent lubricant from scattering and extend the 
service life.
Under the following conditions, casings are especially recommended for use with couplings. 
1) Abrasive or corrosive atmosphere 
2) High revolution to the right of the dotted line shown on rating power table(TAB. 2). 

Metal types Chain Couplings