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Disc Flexible Couplings

PT - Disc Flexible Couplings - PT5
 Disc Flexible Couplings
-No lubrication
Np moving parts in PTC Disc-flex coupling herfore lubrication is not necessary.
-Maintenance free
All metal construction and no wearing parts need no maintenance.
-Simple design, light weieght and high torque.
Two hubs,one center member, one disc pack and several bolts form the basic coupling PTC Disc-flex couplings are available in wide rangeof size to meet variable operation conditions.
-PTC Disc-flex
couplings are designed to allow axial, angular and parallel and parallel misaignment.
-No backlash and high torsional stiffness.
PTC Disc-flex couplings allow no backlash and high torsional stiffness.
-High performance
High temperature do not affect the all metal construction.
-Easy to mount and dismount.
PTC Disc-flex couplings have small number of parts and simple constructions which allow quick and easy mounting and dismounting work.
-Safety measure.
When a severe over load may damage the couplings, the transmitting rotation will be continued through bolts.

PT Disc Flexible Couplings