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Costant filling fluid Couplings

PT - Costant filling fluid Couplings - PT6
Costant filling fluid Couplings
Type PFC
The type PFC fluid coupling when used in conjuction with a fixed-speed motor will give the motor a light-load start, provide smooth acceierationand ensure overload protection for the motor and driven machine. Using a fluid coupling in the drive-line often makes its possible to employ a smaller motor, because the fluid coupling will allow the motor to run quickly up to speed, where its overload capacity may be used for starting the machine.
Starting or stalling torque may be determined precisely by selection of the initial Oil filling. Further adjustment to suite drive requirement, may easily be made at site, The type PFC fluid coupling is a compact, rugged unit, the major components being aluminum alloy castings. It comprises the basic fluid coupling, diaphragm input mounting and multidisc, semi-flexbil coupling on the output side. Bores and keyways may be finished to suit customer's requirements.
Fusible plugs are fitted to all but the smaller fluid couplings to provide protection against excess temperature rise should the motor overload trip fall to operate during stall or overload conditions. Vertical applications can be catered for in most sizes.